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Wojciech Glinkowski MD, PhD
President of the Polish Telemedicine Society

Dear Reader,
Almost one year ago the challenging idea has arisen to put together experiences of advanced users and new beings in telemedicine from various countries, mostly associated to International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth. Finally, this volume presents international efforts of developing telemedicine and eHealth in 22 countries. The delivery of remote healthcare, telemedicine as well the eHealth and newly created Telehealth, that covers almost all aspects of remote Health, is developing almost everywhere. It crosses borders, long distances, cultures, languages, formats, and makes medicine and health care so close to the patients and health professionals as never before. Each national telemedically oriented community chooses its own way to enter and forward telemedicine projects, advancing international knowledge about its applicability, opportunities, possibilities and obstacles and barriers, as well. Sharing the knowledge and gaining the view on the problems (met already by others) may support and enhance initiatives, allowing entering the telemedicine “highway”.
I do believe the monograph presented here will fulfill this hope. I am grateful for meeting all contributors
and ISfTeH Board of Directors who supported me to begin the adventure with “Advances …”.

Yours sincerely,
Wojciech Glinkowski MD, PhD


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